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Multiple Monitors in Ubuntu

Update, 2011-06-01:  grumble, this is broken again in Ubuntu 11.04.  I currently don’t have a solution, and I’m just working without my external monitor.  Not goodness.

I recently updated all my ZaReason boxen to Ubuntu 10.04, and managing multiple monitors in this update is easier than it used to be. Continue reading

Kubuntu Jaunty, WPA-PSK wireless, SSID broadcast disabled, now working

I made a clean install of Kubuntu Jaunty (9.04) last week, and had some trouble getting wireless networking to work.  This post explains my current working configuration.

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Windows, iTunes, iPod, and Linux can coexist (part 8)

I feel much better about buying from the iTunes Store than I did before I went down this path.  I’m no longer “locked in” to Apple as my sole source for purchasing music, but I will continue to buy music there as long as their iTunes Store maintains compelling usability.  I’d use iTunes Store over amazonmp3 on the Linux side, too, if Apple would develop a Linux version.  Actually, a Linux version would be less of a technical stretch for Apple than a Windows version, but I’m no more interested in Apple rants than I am in DRM rants.

Windows-iTunes-iPod-Rhythmbox-Kubuntu music loop

Windows-iTunes-iPod-Rhythmbox-Kubuntu music loop

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Windows, iTunes, iPod, and Linux can coexist (part 1)

I’m running iTunes 8 on a WinXP box at my work.  I’ve got a Windows-formatted iPod Photo.  I buy music on iTunes Store from work, and it all plays on my Kubuntu machine at home (using Rhythmbox) via my iPod.  I buy Amazon MP3s from my Kubuntu machine, and those play just fine on the iPod and my WinXP box.

productive coexistence

productive coexistence

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extend Kubuntu desktop to second screen

Update, 2010-06-19:  I use a different approach than the one described in this post since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04.

I successfully extended my Kubuntu desktop to a second monitor.  I’m running Kubuntu 8.04 (updated on 2009-07-03 for 9.04) on a ZaReason BigLap, with an Intel video card and a Dell external monitor (connected via VGA cable – the BigLap doesn’t have a DVI interface).

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look Ma, no video driver

While tinkering today, I managed to bring my ZaReason BigLap to its knees by installing an incompatible video driver.  No matter, James’ post over at elwoodicious guided me to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, which I thought I’d probably have to nurse back to life using his xorg.conf as an example.

But somebody upstream in my Kubuntu stack was thinking ahead:  hey, this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to video drivers.  When I rebooted to command line, I found backups of all my interim xorg.confs from earlier this afternoon.  Replaced the corrupted one with a backup just by looking at the timestamp, resumed the boot process, Booyah Achieved.

some good stuff I missed

Software I explored today:

  • OGRE 3D – an open-source graphics rendering engine (with physics intentionally omitted)
  • Mercurial & Git/Cogito – distributed source control management tools (yes, I did watch this whole hour with Linus – he had no kind words for SVN)
  • Test soon – a unit testing framework for C++, not of the xUnit family
  • QEMU w/ KQEMU – an open-source PC emulator, with flexible host/guest options, with “near native” performance
  • Valgrind – an open-source profiling tool
  • open-source physics engines – further study needed to narrow down list
  • EGM96 – Earth Gravitational Model, Fortran
  • Capistrano – a tool for automating tasks on one or more remote servers, Ruby-based

Finally, I’ll probably make Ubuntu my distro of choice, (at least partially) since a space guy created it.

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